Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Well hello there, I am Claire and I am new to this bloggging thing.
I am going to make this short whilest i get the hang of all of this.
You can follow me on Twitter http://twitter.com/Clairexxoxo.
I am a big bookworm and very recently found Goodreads where I attempt to write a decent review (still getting the hang of that)
I am new in my village as I moved from Banbury and left all my friends and family all in the name of love.
My house is lovely, I have a huge garden, in Banbury all I had was a small concrete slab....now I have green green grass, and lots of flowers and a driveway!!! woo hoo no more trying to find a space to park outside our house and having to park miles away!!
well I am going to go now and attempt to join a gym!!
Slater peeps :)


  1. I love your pics. The kids are adorable! Congrats on your move. I hope you enjoy your new place. :-)

  2. Hey,
    thank you, they adorable but a real handful lol!! still trying to find my feet but the house is gorge with loads of garden for the kids to play in!!!
    Hope your ok xx


Me (Leo)

Me (Leo)
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My kids
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my fiancé
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Me and my Fiancé

Me and my Fiancé
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Hello, my name is Claire. I am new to reviewing, so be patient. I have a wonderful fiancé, and 2 lovely children, Leo my son and Charlie my step son. I love reading and watching film and TV and look forward to reviewing them as best I can !!