Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Hello again

Well its day 2 of my blog and I doubt I am any better at it yet lol.
My son is lounging on the sofa still in his pj's watching mickey mouse normally he is up and about in clothes but I think he is a little ill as he is a bit lathargic today!!
I think this is how my son (he is 3) would write his blog if he could write and in fact had a blog.....     
                                                    Life Of A Toddler

Woke up and took all clothes out of drawer all on me own and messed up room, then I went for a wee wee on toilet all on me own then I went and woke mummy up.
Felt a bit tired so laid down with mummy then mummy got up and we came downstairs where I ate my cheese on toast and watched playhouse junior and watched mickey mouse club house and handy manny and little einsteins, I am now laying on sofa watching more mickey mouse clubhouse.
My life = wake up, wee, eat, watch tv, poop, watch tv, eat, maybe play whilest keeping eye on tv, eat, wee then bed....
I think mummy is going to turn tv off in a min as I think she thinks I watch far too much!!

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Me (Leo)
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