Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Been So Busy

Well I am very sorry for not writing anything for ages I have been really really busy, my son Leo is now 4 and starting school in september.....freaky.
I have a part time job at the pub next door and I am starting college in september wooooo!
Went to see Queens of the stoneage last week and Foo Fighters at Milton Keyens it was AWESOME also watched them live on iTunes last night.
Had my father in law over for the weekend and turns out he has lost his marbles, complaining that the kitchen was not tidy when he got up on the monday morning (bearing in mind I was at work from 11am-3pm the 6pm-11.30pm on the sunday) I had  2 drinks before coming back sunday evening and he accused me of being really drunk and stumbling around, it was a long hard day as an event was on and I think I was entitled to have a couple of drinks after but what did he want me to do, wash up the dinner stuff that I didnt eat when I got back!!?? I think not! then he decides to tell us we are living our life wrong I am lazy and 'playing' my fiance apparently because I work in a pub it means I will run off with another man, I apparently dont bring my children up right either when he has absolutly no experience with his kids..... all in all we invited him to come to said event, I was working most of it earning the money and being accused of spending it as soon as I earn it.
Well I know one person who is now no longer invited to my house the ungrateful sod.
I now feel much better after my rant...will write again soon :)

Friday, 20 May 2011

Woo Hoo

I finally have a job interview...but sods law hear nothing then 2 come along at once hehe....got an interview today and tomorrow, fingers crossed :)
Going to doctors now,
Slater peeps :)

Saturday, 14 May 2011


Oh kill me now I am being forced to watch eurovision song contest!!!
Saw Jedwood and they were so bad and Greece well they are just SHIT!!!
I hate eurovision as all the countries vote between themselves....their allies so England never wins as the countries already know who the are going to vote for!!!
Don't even know why we are even bothering anymore!!
oh well i'll blog tomorrow if I survive this sensory onslaught :)

Friday, 13 May 2011

Joined the gym today

Hello peeps,
                  I am in major pain as I started the gym today, bit of a shock to the system!! but will help me kick start my fitness regime and start on my long journey towards losing 7 stone so I can i can get to 8 stone and finally get my tattoo on my back.
I am doing it healthly though.
1250 Kcals per day, excercise at gym 3 times a week and 1 blow out a week (I can eat what ever I want).
Was my blow out today and I had a chinese but think my stomach has shrank a little as I couldnt eat as much as i used to....thats good I was a right gannet!!
I will keep you all updated on how I go...its hard to weigh myself though as I dont have any scales lol!!!
Slater peeps :)

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Good morning everybody

Good morning peeps, hope you all had a good sleep.
Another very exciting day for me today, taking Leo to nursery then coming home, tidying up, going to doctors, coming home, do rest of tidying up then pick Leo back up from nursery!!
My life is never dull......yeah right!
On a bright note I am picking up my new bike with a child seat on tomorrow and i'm joing gym tomorrow....hopefully those combined with calorie counting will mean I actually lose weight..
Gotta go,
Slater peeps

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Foo Fighters - Times Like These

Hello again

Well its day 2 of my blog and I doubt I am any better at it yet lol.
My son is lounging on the sofa still in his pj's watching mickey mouse clubhouse.....now normally he is up and about in clothes but I think he is a little ill as he is a bit lathargic today!!
I think this is how my son (he is 3) would write his blog if he could write and in fact had a blog.....     
                                                    Life Of A Toddler

Woke up and took all clothes out of drawer all on me own and messed up room, then I went for a wee wee on toilet all on me own then I went and woke mummy up.
Felt a bit tired so laid down with mummy then mummy got up and we came downstairs where I ate my cheese on toast and watched playhouse junior and watched mickey mouse club house and handy manny and little einsteins, I am now laying on sofa watching more mickey mouse clubhouse.
My life = wake up, wee, eat, watch tv, poop, watch tv, eat, maybe play whilest keeping eye on tv, eat, wee then bed....
I think mummy is going to turn tv off in a min as I think she thinks I watch far too much!!

Me (Leo)

Me (Leo)
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My kids

My kids
tall one is Leo, short one is Charlie

my fiancé

my fiancé
love of my life

Me and my Fiancé

Me and my Fiancé
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